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After order confirmation  our QA team visits the factory in order to check below points :

 Check the machinery & equipment if they are updated or of old technology.

 Check the manpower status if Skilled worker is available in the factory.

 Sit with HR & Compliance team if any critical issues are pending.

 Sit with planning team to check the availability of production space to ship our goods on time.

 Check overall Environments of the factory.

After getting positive report we decide to place the order in the factory.

 Hold a meeting with concerned merchandiser to make him understand the PO sheet and tech pack.

 Make sure the merchandiser submit the fit sample on time.

 Forward the remarks and comments to the merchandiser soon after receive from the customer.

 Collect the lab.dip and quality swatch of fabric & accs and timely submit to customer for approval.

 Make sure to submit the PP sample to the customer following the comments on the fit sample.

 Hold a PP meeting to the factory before starting the production.

 Make sure the factory submit size set sample for final cutting permission.

 Must check the 1st production to see the measurements and styling is ok.

 Make sure the QA send the inline reports time to time to the office.

 Make sure the final inspection conducts as per the AQL guideline before shipment.


Sewing defects  Like open seams, wrong stitching techniques used, same color garment, but usage of different color threads on the garment, miss out of stitches in between, creasing of the garment, incorrect thread tension and raw edges are some sewing defects that are taken care of.

Color effects- Color defects that could happen are – difference of the color of final produced garment to the sample shown, accessories used are of wrong color combination and mismatching of dye amongst the pieces.

Sizing defects – Wrong shade of sizes, difference in measurement of a garment part from other, for example- sleeves of ‘XL’ size but body of ‘L’ size. Such defects do not come about has to be seen too.

Garment defects – During manufacturing process defects could happen like – defective zippers, irregular hemming, loose buttons, raw edges, improper button holes, uneven parts, inappropriate trimming, and difference in fabric colors.

Style Studio

Our superior quality products have been widely commended all across the globe for their design and finish. We serve many well renowned customers. We understand that the customer is the focal point of all our efforts.

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